Friday, 23 October 2015

Weekly Round Up 23rd October

This week we're back with another blog and everyone can't seem to stop talking about Back to the Future. 

Future misconceptions 

On Wednesday 21st October 2015 the well known 1989 film "Back to the 2015 Future" caught up with itself and caused lots of discussion of how far we've come since then, as well as what we're still yet to achieve to keep up with the film's original expectations of 2015.

Social media couldn't stop "buzzing" about it, with everything from limited edition "Pepsi Perfect", to grooms arriving at weddings in DeLorean cars (with the addition of time travel of course). Have a look for yourself on the Telegraph Website as they've followed the countdown closely, with everything documented in one place.

We might not have the perfect hover board, flying car or self drying jacket but we do have so much more technology at our finger tips than we ever thought possible 30 years ago; as the actors Michael J. Fox & Christopher Lloyd discuss in the new Toyota advert, "We've got 3D movies," Lloyd says as the two actors sit in a diner. "We've got fingerprint technology," Fox answers.

Back to the Future got one thing right about 2015 though and that's how we're integrating technology into everything. Every new technological invention is an every day object made better by adding some tech.

For example turning a pair of Nike trainers into something that makes people's lives easier and therefore better. However we don't seem to have self tying shoes yet like in the film but Nike did tweet Michael J. Fox on Tuesday saying "see you tomorrow", leaving everyone speculating the future of self-tying Nikes. We're still holding our breaths though.

The Future of Furniture

Furniture is getting more high tech too, with tablets, TVs, PCs and power sockets all getting embedded into anywhere and everywhere. We might not be arriving at work in a flying car yet but there's nothing stopping you from using a chair that tells you how to sit properly and sending emails and charging your phone on the move.

Our favourite bit of tech at the moment is the aircharge wireless charging solution. The idea behind this clever tech is that the user can use it wherever they are, no need for cables or trying to find power sockets. This can be used in cafés, offices and at home.

So if you'd like to add the aircharge or any other technology to your seating, why not give us a call on 01952 585828 and see how we can integrate it for you into any of our soft seating and modular seating ranges.


Talking about "creating a buzz", our customers have been doing just that because of how great our Lux range looks in Camira Fabrics' Velvetesse. We posted up this image on our social media pages and got quite a lot of attention. Even Camira Fabrics on Facebook said that they "look forward to seeing the result".

Then we started posting photo after photo because it really does look great in Velvetesse.

Camira's Velvetesse Embellish is really hard wearing so works well for a long lasting upholstered seat. With a change of colour it looks completely different too. Hopefully you've also noticed the fantastic button detail as well.

Everyone can't get enough of our Lux high back chair and I predict a lot more going through the factory soon.We think all our Lux products look great in Velveteese so keep looking around and see if you can spot any more of these fantastic chairs in beautiful fabrics. If you do we would love to see the results so please share your finds with us on our Twitter page.

Then if you'd like one or maybe one hundred, have a look at our website for more ideas and info about our Lux range or give us a call on 01952 585828

Also there are plenty more colours to choose from in the Velvetesse range and we are looking forward to seeing them all... so click here for some more ideas of what to do with your Lux chairs.

As promised our next team intro, read on to be in the know about our Nomique team.

In The Know Profile:

Name: David Houston

Age: Too Old
Zodiac Sign: Big Fish
Job Title: No Idea

My job at Nomique involves... 
No idea. Oops, dealer support and sell sell sell!

I have been working at Nomique for...
3 years

Before Nomique... 
Office furniture industry for 31 years!!
6 years with my own business and 20 odd years as a Director with Samuel Bruce.
Before that memory loss...

When I was growing up, I wanted to be...
Pro Golfer but couldn't hit a ball straight.
Pro Footballer but couldn't drink enough.
Spaceman but realised I already was.

My favourite place in the world...
HOME... Oh and Nashville.

I can laugh about...
My hairline and my waistline.

A random fact about me...
Guitar player and massive country music fan... and an awesome chef.

As an extra see if you can guess which one is David in this old photo. Write your guesses in the comments below.

If you want to know more about David's role here at Nomique then feel free to ask questions in the comments below. Also please follow us on our social media pages to keep up to date with all things Nomique.                  

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