Friday, 31 July 2015

LUX from OUR space to YOUR space

At Nomique we have been busy creating new solutions for the evolving workplace. Today we would like to introduce you to our Lux range which was designed with flexibility in mind to meet the challenges of the modern workplace.

The Lux range was designed by Jason Lansdale and was launched at Clerkenwell Design Week 2015, where it received a great reception.

The range comprises of a single seat tub chair, a double seat tub sofa as well as a single or double seat ottoman. All of these options feature tapered solid oak legs, which give a beautiful natural finish to every product. There is also a high back wing option on the single seat chair and double seat sofa, giving the user their personal space back. Also don't forget about the polished look of the solid oak or white laminate tables, with three options for height and shape.

No longer are we all forced to sit at our desks all day, freedom of movement has become part of the normal day to day working environment. Employers are mixing things up and starting to implement more adaptable and engaging spaces within the workplace. One of the main reasons for this change is the recent advancements in mobile technology. This mobility is giving workers the chance to choose how and where they work, improving social interaction and collaboration.

The Lux range creates the perfect casual setting for break out areas in the work place. Robust and hardwearing but with that homely feel, they are blurring the lines between the commercial office and the living room.

With the high back wing versions the user can escape into their own space, getting the privacy they've been longing after. This increases the positive atmosphere in the workplace, providing a place to take time out, relax and recharge your batteries.

These more versatile, adaptable and engaging spaces make great spontaneous meeting points around the office. This then improves communication, networking and collaboration amongst employees.

It is of great importance that these spaces are well thought out, to make the working environment as appealing as possible, to motivate employees and keep the best people on board.

The Lux range is making businesses thrive by motivating employees to stay creative and engaged for longer in the workplace.

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Weekly Round Up 31st July

Hello and welcome...

to our new blog, filled with up to date information about where we're at, who we're talking to and what's new. Our weekly round up will be perfect for those who need that quick update or want to know which new article will interest them the most. There's always something happening at Nomique and now we plan on sharing that with you, so let's go behind the scenes and check it out.


Fresh of the press

The team are all getting really excited this week as we are officialy launching Lux this week. Look out for our new literature coming your way. 

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Want more information about the Lux range, have a look at our Lux blog post or our website.

To top it all off we've got our first Lux order going through the factory this week too!

Look how great the Lux tub chair is in this high quality Just Colour Cocoa vinyl. All hand upholstered in our factory with button detail and double stitching on the seams giving it real class. And adding to all this are the natural solid oak legs which make each chair unique.

We've spoken to lots of our customers to find out why they have chosen the Lux range. 

Stone House Lettings were looking for some high back chairs so Lux was the right choice! They've said that the solid oak legs matched their colour scheme exactly and the high back and two lower backs fitted perfectly in the space. We are looking forward to seeing  some photos of the installation.

We've also heard from Perth Sheriff Court where the Sheriff Principal was having her chambers redone and wanted a new soft seating area. We offered Lux and it was just the right product to keep that traditional look with the high back wing version, as well as to add a  contemporary feel to her new office space.

 Nomique products at Desso Showroom

At the Desso Showroom in London lots of our seating solutions are also on show. But because we are "in love" with our new Lux chairs, we are swapping them for the Asis tub chairs. Lux will have pride of place in the window.

For more info on our beautiful new Lux range and some ideas about how it could work for you please have a read of our article: Lux from OUR space to YOUR space.

Or check out the Lux or Asis range on our website.

Remember Coco?


Coco has become a popular choice. There are so some fantastic styles and colours that we wanted to showcase. You might already have spotted this one whilst you were flicking through social media.

Coco definitely stands out in Camira's snazzy Landscape fabric (left). 

Innovation1st have cottoned on to the trend too but gone for some bright in your face purples to stand out against their neutral backdrop. With contrasting orange buttons this sofa really makes a statement! 

For more info about Coco check our website or give us a call on 01952 585828 to discuss some colour options with us. 


At Nomique we want to show you the quality and hard work that makes our products so fantastic. We thought that the best way to show you would be to give you some inside knowledge of what goes on in our factory! 

With a massive order for an educational institute going through production the products are being stacked sky high. Here are some images of our team making a variety of fantastic seating solutions.

Some Colletta cantilever chairs with mesh backs being put together.

That one looks almost finished, but 
 the stack of seats suggest that there are lots more to do...

Check them out here to see more options and images for the Colletta.


The following image shows the upholstering of one of our Chicago sofas.

Got to make sure to pull that fabric nice and tight.

We are looking forward to seeing all of these finished next week. Lot's of different fabrics being used.

Check out our Chicago seating or our Chicago Modular here for more inspiration for your space! 

Lots of Moka chairs to be made too!

These ones are with a white HPL frame and four seperate metal legs.

There are so many versions of this chair though so please do look up the options on our website.


So look out for our next update when we will be showing you lots of new, exclusive and innovative seating solutions going out of our doors!

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