Friday, 11 December 2015

Weekly Round Up 11th December

Welcome back to our weekly blog! This Friday we have been captured by the beauty of a dying craft; as well as being over the moon that we are incorporating all "Top 5 Office Trends" into our seating and furniture designs... read on to be in the know.

A dying craft...

Traditional craftmanship is thought to be a dying trade, "skills such as weaving, forging and soldering are in danger of being lost" according to the Heritage Crafts Association. This is partly down to the increase in technology and the new skills that this is opening up for young people. However it is sad to see that less and less people are interesting in learning the skills of so many centuries-old trades.

The co-ordinator of the Heritage Crafts Association has said that we not only have "an incredible range of craft skills in the UK and some of the best craftspeople in the world" but also that "these skills will only survive if they live in each generation". Therefore it's good to see a variety of competitions and exhibitions happening arcoss the country to showcase individuals work, in the hope to encourage more young people to learn these crafts.

If you're interested then why not have a look at this article or at the Heritage Craft Association's website.

It's also great to see young talent going viral across the internet. We found this article and fantastic video all about the youngest master penman in the world, Jake Weidmann. We hope you enjoy and feel inspired by his beautiful artworks.

Want to see more age old skills? Want to see seating designed and manufactured using not only new technology but also traditional craftsmanship? Then why not check out our website and have a look at some of our products.

Top 5 Office Trends
We really loved this article about the top five office trends from the 21st Century and thought that our readers would like to have a look too. It's incredibly exciting to see that we take all five into consideration for all of our products. Read on to see how we include these trends in our products.

Open Workspaces: our Elements range creates great spaces for break out to collaborate as well as to find some privacy to recharge. Keep your eyes peeled for our new media unit that's being launched in 2016 too.

Space Efficiency: with not only Elements but Chicago Modular and Jigsaw it's really easy to find something that will fit into any office space. Not only will it fit just right but it will enhance the way that your employees use the office for collaborative, break out spaces.

Sustainability: Not only is all of our wood FSC certified but we also work to create products that can be easily dissassembled and recycled. At Nomique we are constantly working to create more environmentally friendly products. Please have a look at our website to find out more.

Social responsibility: All of our products use a variety of components which have been produced in Europe and then shipped to us. We care not ony about our customers but also about our suppliers and where our products come from. We like to make sure that everything is from a responsible source and that our carbon footprint is as low as possible.

Integrated technology: There are so many options for putting technology into our products and we are in the process of creating some stunning images to show you just how great your next order from us could be. Keep your eyes and ears on red alert as coming into the new year we will be releasing many, many more products and options to suit you!

If you'd like to check out more of our products and see what we can do for you then please have a look on our website or give us a call and have a chat on 01952 585828

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