Friday, 19 February 2016

Weekly Round Up 19th February

This week we are incredibly excited to announce our upcoming Nomique "NEW FOR 2016" events... please read on to be in the know! 

You may recognise the image above from a previous blog or you may have spotted it across social media. Not long and you will be seeing something similar everywhere!
So far this year we've shown you what we've been up to in regards to supporting the community with our student competitions. As well as how hard we've been working to bring you new and better products that suit every work environment.

Over the next month we will be continuing to release new products that will help to invigorate your workplace and make it a more engaging and productive place to be. We have decided that we want to show you these products, whilst we also delve into what Nomique is all about. Therefore we would like to personally invite you to join us at a variety of venues across the UK throughout the month of April 2016.

We hope that you will have found a date and venue that will suit you, as we would love to see you. If you would like to book a personal appointment time please call 01952 585828 then we will put you in touch with the relevant Sales Manager who will be able to answer all of your questions.

Not only will there be our new products on show but we'll be bringing along some of our classic favourites too; as well as plenty of demonstrations of how to set up your new task chairs correctly; and a chance to network, drink and have a little bite to eat.

Watch this space because we will soon be telling you all about the products that will be on show, including fantastic new photography and all other exciting happenings at Nomique.

Want to see everything as it happens then follow us on our social media pages, find the relevant links below or feel free to call up for a chat if you have any questions on 01952 585828

We'll leave you with this teaser taster... have a lovely weekend!!

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