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Weekly Round Up 14th August

Welcome back to our Weekly Round Up, this week we will be focusing on "Getting Europe Moving".

Have you heard about Move Week?

Move Week will be going on across the whole of Europe from 7th September to 30th September this year and it's part of the NowWeMOVE Campaign. The objective is of course to get people up and moving around, to promote the benefits of being active and participating regularly in sport and other physical activities. This campaign is being coordinated by the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) and is in collaboration with the European Cyclists' Federation (ECF).

"Inactivity Time Bomb"

There is also a great article on their website about the "Inactivity Time Bomb" which has been cropping up in the media a lot lately. Their articles cover lots of interesting facts about how the insufficient physical activity of adults in Europe is seriously affecting their health. However not just our health and wellbeing is affected because the diseases that are often acquired through lack of exercise is now costing Europe 80 billion Euros every year.

Nomique gets moving...


You may have spotted our MD John Ravenhall flying through the sky on Friday 29th May this year to celebrate his round birthday. Not only did he get physically active doing a tandem sky dive but he also manage to raise £920.01 for Acorns Children’s Hospice.

Walking up Ben Nevis

As well as this you might also be interested to know about our staff's long long long walk up Ben Nevis a few weeks back. It definitely wasn't the most beautiful of days but they stayed smiling throughtout and there are definite plans for a next time.

So as you can see the staff at Nomique get pretty active a lot of the time and we want to promote how this benefits us in and out of the workplace.
Throughout MOVE WEEK we hope to be running multiple activities for our staff to encourage movement and improve awareness about the Inactivity Time Bomb that is ticking ever faster.

What's next?

We would love it if you could comment some ideas below for the kind of activities you would like us to get involved in for MOVE WEEK. How about another hike or a football game as some examples...  please get suggesting!

Not only do we think that exercise benefits us outside the workplace , it is also important to move around in the workplace. You have probably seen how the workplace is changing and how break out spaces are being encouraged by employers to improve collaboration and creativity.

Well our Lux range is a great example of this, check out our Lux article to gain more understanding about this new range.

Get moving with the Axia Smart Chair

Today however we want to focus on movement in the workplace for those still stuck at their desks 9-5.

Designed with movement and wellbeing in mind the Axia Smart Chair teaches the user to sit correctly and encourages them to get up and move around.

With the smart sensor system the chair gives the user feedback on their sitting behaviour and posture. The vibration in the seat acts not only as a trigger to correct your posture, but is also a reminder to get out of the chair and move around. Learn more about the Axia Smart Chair.

It is typical to hear tales of back or neck pain, headaches and fatigue in the workplace but the Axia Smart Chair is aiming to help staff avoid these common ailments. 

This smart technology helps users to receive the full ergonomic benefits of sitting in an Axia chair correctly.

For an interesting article about sedentary working and how important it is to move around check out THIS.

If you'd like some more information about the Axia Smart Chair or about others from the Axia range then please go to our website.

Some tips to get more movement at work

Even if you can't afford a nice new office chair it is still important to increase your movement in the workplace and we'd like to give you the top tips on how...

  • Desk Set Up - put items like the phone out of reach so you have to stand to take a call
  • Breaks - make sure to either go for a walk to get to lunch or at least make sure you eat lunch elsewhere. This will cut down on the time spent at your desk.
  • Get up to get a tea round for your colleagues.
  • Do you have a sit-stand workstation? Adjust the desk height and work standing up for the next half hour.
  • Take the steps instead of the elevator.
  • Have meetings while standing up. It's quicker, more effective and healthier.
  • It's not how long you stand for, it's how often. Try to stand up every 10 minutes or so, you'll feel better for it.

We found three articles with more tips and information to get moving at work.

  1. Put some movement into your desk job.
  2. How to stay active in the office.
  3. No time to work out? Six quick exercise you can do at your desk.

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