Friday, 7 August 2015

Weekly Round Up 7th August

WOW August is here already! This summer is going quick and I'm sure you'll all agree that there's been too much rain... 
However here at Nomique there is plenty of bright, colourful fabric to cheer up even the most miserable days!

Have you spotted these out and about yet? We've got ply Moka's in the top left.
Then a simple turquoise Gomez in the bottom left.
And of course you can't help but spot the bright Chippers at the bottom.
Don't forget the Elements Core sofas hiding in plastic wrapping ready to go in the top right.

If you're interested in any of these products and want to see what we can offer you then please go to our website


Perhaps after last week's Coco showcase you'd thought you'd seen it all. Well this week we've got another fantastic Coco in production. Perhaps you recognise this...

Beautiful vibrant Halcyon Blosson Botanic by Camira Fabrics. It looks sleek and simple to start with but when it hits the light the branch pattern is striking, it really brings the fabric to life.

If you recognise that then you might also remember this from today's clues and yes it also has buttons. So far we've had the guess that it's going to be a go kart but unfortunately we're not allowed that much fun in the factory.

So now for the reveal...
Don't you think it's just fabulous! We would love to hear your thoughts so please find us on social media and leave a comment. Also make sure to look out for some close up shots on our Facebook page.

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Want to get a Coco for yourself why not have a look at the options on our website or see some other fabric styles in our last Weekly Round Up.

Back in time...

It's great to see Nomique's Chicago sofas and Tally task chairs are still being used at University's and that their design is so timeless.

We think the two tone fabric choices on these sofas really make them a feature of the room, creating a very engaging space to break out. The black and red has a real class about it, great for students wishing to escape the hard trials of their degrees or to have lots of creative chats.

It's great to see our Tally task chairs lining University study rooms as well. Those students must be incredibly comfy whilst doing those long long long study hours.

Interested in our Chicago sofas or our Tally task chairs then click the links and have a browse.

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The team have really enjoyed reading the new mix interiors July issue. There are some fantastic articles. We thought the Spotlight on Wellbeing was a great read.

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We think that our Lux range creates a space that definitely improves wellbeing in the workplace. Why not have a look at our Lux blog?

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