Friday, 21 August 2015

Weekly Round Up 21st August

It's that time of week again to get in the know about Nomique and today we'll not only be getting hands on in the factory but we'll also be giving you more tips and fun inspiring ideas to think about.

So let's get started ...

Factory First

We've had a massive educational order just go through our factory this week and when I say massive I mean MASSIVE!

The factory has been filled with task chairs and soft seating from floor to ceiling. The challenge was finding space for it all.


We would like to give you a quick whistle stop tour of what goes on in our factory on a daily basis. We thought that this busy busy time would be the best time to give you this insight into Nomique's British Manufacturing.

Lots of different seating products have been ordered including Tally task chairs, Jigsaw 2 modular seating, Chicago Modular and Moka meeting chairs and bar stools.

The image above gives you a good idea of the end products that have been mentioned. Now have a look at all these products going through the workshop. They all look a bit different without legs and completed upholstery.

In the images above you will see:

Some of the 719 Tally's getting their backs fixed on.
Attaching the shiny metal legs on to some of the 164 Moka chairs.
Carefully upholstering some of the 47 Chicago Modular Seating.

As well as those above there were plenty others going with this order including:

The almost finished 26 Chicago Modular bar stools.
As well as 14 items from Jigsaw 2.

So that's just a small insight into the expansive work that's happening here at Nomique.
Hopefully you've spotted something that you like, if so...

... come on in to our Telford Showroom to have a look at what we can offer you or give us a call on 01952 585828

Working from home

 Most of us probably assume that working from home looks a little similar to this.

Relaxed, lazy days, doing things at your pace, still in pyjamas, surrounded by food, cups of tea and your favourite music blasting out the speakers.

Sounds great doesn't it! 

But in reality working from home can be as productive as working from the office, or even more so. A study by Standford University has shown that working from home led to a 13% performance increase due to a quieter and more convenient working environment. Home workers also reported an improved work satisfaction.

However quite often working from home can look a bit like this ...

To make sure that productivity is at it's peak it's therefore important to have a dedicated workspace. Where you can escape the distractions of pets, children, temptation and clutter.

So we thought we'd show you an idea to find your own space in a totally different and most definitely fun way ...

We came across this gem: The Archipod

This little pod is getting more and more well known for its innovative design. The Archipod craze started in the UK as a garden office hide away.

Due to clever use of space and natural light it offers a superb space for the home office. It allows home workers to strictly seperate living space from office space.

Have a quick look at this article on design milk to see some more photos of this awesome little space concept.

Don't forget that all important office chair.

Not only is it essential to try and seperate your office space, it is also necessary to make sure you make that work area as comfortable as possible to increase your productivity.

So why not chec out our range of elegant, practical and affordable task chairs on our website.

Or why not contact us by phone on 01952 585828 or email us at

Friday Clean Up

Even though the work space is changing there are still plenty of us desk bound in offices and at 

There are lots of things we can be doing as employees and employers to make our desk space as productive, stress free and as organised as possible.  

Therefore we'd like to share an article with you that we found, that's about 21 tips to tidy up your work space and de clutter your desk.

For more information please visit our website
Or give us a ring to chat about what our designs could add to your workspace.
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