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Weekly Round Up 11th September

We're here again with some more blogging for you to enjoy at your leisure and this week we're focusing on introducing young people into the workplace.

Bridge Building 

The age gap in the workplace is ever increasing; what with retirement coming a lot later and technology helping young people move up the ladder quicker than ever before. Therefore it's not unusual to see someone in their 60's reporting to a manager in their 20's.

There have been many issues raised that often give a negative outlook on hiring those with a distinct age difference from the rest of the team. However these generation gaps are not necessarily such a terrible thing.

We found two really interesting articles that give some great insights to lots of ways to address the age differences that we are now finding in the workplace.

Generation Gap Article                               Future Talent Article

Feet Up Friday Film

Have you seen The Internship yet? If not perhaps this weekend would be the perfect time to get out of the rain, put your feet up and have a watch. This film is full of comedy humour but also raises a lot of the issues for the young and old when starting new careers in such a heavily technology based working environment, such as Google offices. Although this can be well related to any job in any industry these days.

Fresh Talent

Here at Nomique we are proof that generation gaps do work. We've worked with both The University of Wolverhampton and Birmingham City University to recruit young talent and give young designers a chance to gain some valued industry experience. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

I'm sure you all recognise Milo, a fairly recent addition to our soft seating range. If not then check it out on our website.

Milo was designed in-house by Mitch Davenport as part of the KEEN (Knowledge Exchange & Enterprise Network) project.

This meant that throughout the design process he was able to receive support and knowledge from industry experts that also lecture at the University of Wolverhampton. The KEEN project is still ongoing, allowing Mitch to access all the facilities, technology and advice he needs.

These links with The University of Wolverhampton have not only helped Mitch find his feet in the industry and lead him into full time employment but they have also given Nomique chance to recruit even more young people with plenty of fresh ideas and new skills. 

For example our external Marketing and Communication Designer Yvonne John has now been working with Nomique for almost three years. She first joined Nomique through a graduate placement within the STEP programme that was arranged by The University of Wolverhampton.

As well as all of the above Nomique have now also taken on our new Marketing Assitant Isobel Coleman whose just graduated in Interior Design from The University of Wolverhampton.

Over the next few weeks we will be giving more information and insight into the Nomique team so keep checking in with our blog posts to be in the know.

We briefly mentioned our collaboration with Birmingham City University (BCU), this has opened up the opportunity to offer some summer internships to second year design students.

Last year Kirsty Marsland, an Interior Design student from BCU, worked on a concept for our new factory showroom. This included interior ideas, colour concepts and space planning. We took her ideas on board and refurbished our showroom. If you haven't seen it yet then come on down to Telford and take a look for yourself. (Unit A, Halesfield 14, Telford, TF7 4QR)

This summer Sam Bailey, a Product Designer from BCU has been working on some concepts to improve our products and our office space layout. He came back with some intriguing ideas and we are looking forward to implementing them soon so watch THIS SPACE.

Team Building

Remember our blog about Move Week?
In fact we've mentioned it so much on our social media pages that you probably know everything about it now and what we're up to. If not then have a browse of that blog and check out the Now We Move website  for more information.

So as you may or may not know we have a walk planned to go up the Wrekin very very soon, in fact it's only a week away! Our bright orange Move Week T-shirts are here and our staff are all getting geared up for spending a rainy evening together at 1335 feet above sea level, well that's if we get to the top.

Not only are we going walking to encourage movement and regular physical activity but we are also wanting to increase the amount of time the Nomique team spend together outside of work.
It's really important to socialise within your company team to build strong working relationships.

Although, people's competitive nature can sometimes get the better of them and cause more bad than good. We found this apt article all about what to keep in mind when exercising with your colleagues and bosses.

Make sure to keep an eye out for all our fun photos from our Wrekin Walk. Plus we won't be stopping our out of work activities after move week, we've got plenty planned including some Go-Karting!

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