Friday, 18 September 2015

Weekly Round Up 18th September

We're back and this time we're targeting technology, all of it's ups and downs, pros and cons and exciting influences, in and around the workplace. 

Pros & Cons of Tech in the Workplace

From the Industrial Revolution to the 21st Century technology has been rapidly evolving and it isn't stopping anytime soon. There is something new every week with constant product launches and concepts for items that are garaunteed to make our lives easier.

It's become the norm to have a phone in your hand 24/7 and it's now socially acceptable to answer your emails and texts whilst in the presence of another employee, because it's right there at your finger tips.

The scene to the left certainly isn't unusual, if anything it's now common to see groups of colleagues or friends sat together but all having their own individual conversations with people that are miles away.

On the one side it is fantastic that technology allows us to be constantly in communication, it's increasing productivity and collaboration throughout businesses and across the world. We found an interesting article that summarises the "4 Ways Technology Has Changed The Modern Workplace" for the better.

However the question that's bounced around for the last year is whether or not technology is actually starting to negatively impact on the way in which we communicate face to face, on the phone and online.

Naturally and often unaware we alter our tone of voice, facial expression, eye contact and other nonverbal actions to help another person to understand exactly what we are saying. This is all lost when we put our fingers to the keyboard and type it all down.

Although emails and texts make communication so much faster, at the moment there is still a lack of rules and etiquette which can lead to misunderstanding. To help you make the right nonverbal decisions we found a useful article on this:  "tips for email and texting etiquette"

As well as changing the way we communicate the advancements in technology can also decrease productivity which might come as a surprise to many. Think about it though, your phone is constantly on and your notifications come through at all hours of the day so the workday starts to become 24/7, which is not necessarily a good thing. After all this has been linked to increased stress levels and more of a distraction from actual work therefore decreasing our productivity levels.

Really it's all about balance, the right amount of technology, in the right place and at the right time can be really beneficial to everyone and every company. So check with your employees and colleagues that everyone is getting that balance just right.

Feet Up Friday Film

The topic of technology always makes me think of Stark Industries and the vast amount of futuristic tech that they portray in all the Iron Man films.

We might not be there yet but it surprises me everytime I watch one of these films how close we are getting to actually be able to create and use this kind of technology.

So put your feet up and relax this weekend while watching an Iron Man film or reading up on what Marvel sees as the top 10 pieces of tech. Funnily enough the top 3 are linked to Iron Man. 

Let us know in the comments below what piece of tech you would want most from the Iron Man films or what gadget you're waiting to hit the shops.

Future Living

While we're talking gadgets we thought we'd show you one that we found recently and feel will change the way in which designers work, for the better.

The Cube by Palette is an innovative piece of technology that fits in the palm of your hand. Connected to a device it can capture the colour of almost any surface. Allowing designers to save and use colours in various formats on screen, for printing or even to match to paint.

How we found it...

We've been arranging this years trip down to London Design Week (LDW) and although we won't be exhibiting this year we will be making the most of the shows and are very excited about 100% Design's "Future Living" theme.

This concept means that more innovative technology will be shown this year than ever before and with the constant technological growth across all sectors it's so important to keep up to date with what's coming next.

100% Design are running a competition to win one of those fantastic Cube's just by registering for the show. Have a look for yourself here.

Look out for our LDW Round Up soon to hear about our favourite things from the shows.

Welcome to our NEW weekly "team intro". This week we would like to introduce our newest and youngest team member from the Nomique offices. Leading on nicely from last weeks young talent themed blog post.

In The Know Profile:

Name: Isobel Coleman
Age: 22
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Job Title: Marketing Assistant

My job at Nomique involves...
So many things! Social media, space planning, branding, articles and even organising staff events for outside of work. There's always something different thrown my way each day and it definitely keeps it interesting.

I have been working at Nomique for...
Only 10 weeks!

Before Nomique...
I've just graduated from The University of Wolverhampton with a 1st class degree in Interior Design so the last three years have been dedicated to my studies and of course lots of student social life.

When I was growing up, I wanted to be...
A nurse. What I was thinking I don't know, I would have been useless as I'm really not good with sick people, so I'm glad I got into design.

My favourite place in the world...
That's a tough one as I love to travel but I'd have to go with the secluded spots in the Algarve in Portugal where I've found beautiful waterfalls and fresh water pools which are perfect on a hot hot summers day to swim in and picnic by the side of. Nature is always stunning.

I can laugh about...
The video I once saw of a moose running through a canadian supermarket, the shop assistant couldn't understand why the moose hadn't eaten the sandwiches she'd made!
It's the small things...

A random fact about me...
My hair is bright BRIGHT BLUE.

If you want to know more about Isobel's role here at Nomique then feel free to ask questions in the comments below. Also please follow us on our social media pages to keep up to date with all things Nomique.                  
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