Friday, 4 September 2015

Weekly Round Up 4th September

With August bank holiday over and a long wait until Christmas, we've been delving into what's on the minds of most employees across the UK. From rain to sending the kids back to school it's a bit of a mixture but at the top of the list it has to be food.

Take a break

Whether it's healthy eating, dieting or just making lunches better, everyone seems to be talking about food. However it's interesting to learn how few people are actually taking the time out to eat lunch and have a break.

Bupa have some really striking facts from their recent study of 2000 full-time UK workers in their "take a break" article.

Did you know that:
  • Less than one in three (29%) workers take a proper lunch break each day
  • Two in five (43%) employees believe they have too much work to pause for a few minutes
  • Two in five employees respond to work calls (42%) and emails (40%) when taking a break

Shocking isn't it!  Although perhaps not as shocking as it should be, after all it's so easy to get wrapped up in work and forget to take that well needed break. Well we'd like to tell you why they are so important ...

We might not all have a fantastic sunny field to sit it but it's important to move away from your desk and your work. This includes putting the phone down too. With technology evolving everyone seems intent on constantly checking their emails and phone calls. What's going unnoticed is how this is massively affecting our levels of productivity during the day.

Skipping those all important breaks causes a lack of concentration making every task take longer than it should. We found this interesting article with some tips for break taking and the science behind being productive.

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The Healthy Eating Buzz

This topic never ever goes away, it's top of all the news feeds and constantly buzzing around social media. So why are we always so hesitant to jump on the band wagon?

Time is often the one thing to stop employees from having a healthy lunch. Therefore ignoring that lunch breaks exist entirely or grabbing some quick snacks to munch at the desk, crisps and chocolate often being the favoured choice, is seen as the simple solution.

However what is this doing to our minds as well as our bodies?

As you are already aware the levels of productivity in the workplace are being lowered by the lack of employees taking their well needed breaks. On top of this these productive levels are also being reduced by the amount of unhealthy food that we consume during the work day, dropping our energy levels and increasing that feeling of being tired all the time.

We found this interesting article on Healthy Diet Adviser about the reasons for eating healthier.

We all know that it's difficult to eat right though, there are so many temptations on offer. We thought we would help you by giving you some tips on what to look out for and some lunch box ideas. 

5 Tips for Healthy Eating                                                          BBC Lunch Box Ideas

As well as all our staff getting super healthy and cutting out the junk food we're also planning some fun events outside of the office to get us all more active.

Keep an eye out for our Wrekin walking event during Move Week where we will be promoting the health benefits of keeping physically active in and out of the workplace.

Have a look at our Weekly Round Up from the 14th August to find out more.

Kitchen Revamp

As well as walking up the Wrekin we've got lots of other exciting things going on at Nomique to increase productivity and to keep healthy.

Very very soon we will be revamping our kitchen in the Nomique Offices. We're thinking bright colours and comfy seating, as well as free cereal and fruit. To encourage healthy eating and persuade people to leave their desks more often for a quick leg stretch to the kitchen.

Make sure to watch this space to see what happens next at Nomique...

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