Friday, 20 November 2015

Weekly Round Up 20th November

Today we're getting on our bikes because cycling is the top topic of design this week... 

The Future of Cycling

Everyone seems to be discussing all the exciting new cycling options avaliable now and how this will affect our very near future. So we've been searching for the ultimate options when we came across Design Week's top 5 ways that designers have been improving our cycling experience in the UK.

We suggest you have a look at everything they are suggesting but to quickly sum it up there's going to be "skycycle" networks starting in London, glowing cycle paths, spray on reflective paint, sustainable cardboard bikes and clip on bluetooth navigation devices.

Sounds exciting doesn't it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Not only this but there is even a new exhibition that's now been opened at London's design Museum to celebrate contemporary bicycle design. We found some great photographs of some of the bikes on Dezeen's website.

Although if you get the chance to see the "High Performers, Thrill Seekers, Urban Riders and Cargo Bikers" up close and personal, we're sure it will be well worth the trip.

So you're probably now wondering but what do bikes have to do with chairs? 

It's a good question and something that we've been getting more and more excited about.
Have you seen one of these yet? (view left image)

It's an Markant Oxidesk Bike and there have been very mixed reviews. This article certainly doesn't rate it very highly but it is certainly interesting to see the options that are cropping up in the not so traditional officespaces these days.

Perhaps the Oxidesk really isn't what you're looking for but there are plenty of other options to increase your movement in the workplace. Although perhaps you may feel that cycling to work and back every day is enough exercise. Did you know that sedantry sitting for all the hours you are at work can often cause illnesses such as diabetes, back pain and heart disease. Therefore movement at work is crucial if you wanting to keep fit and healthy.

Something like the standing desk bike or a trendmill desk could work really well for you. However if you're not one for getting sweaty in your smart work clothes there are other options such as adjustable standing desks, have a look at our blog from last week to read all about these. 

Standing desks work fantastically with our Axia Smart Chairs. Have a look at our website to see how this chair could work for you or give us a call on 01952 585828 so we can answer any questions you may have about movement in the workplace.

Enzo Mari

Enzo Mari created a manual in 1974 as a guide to building furniture with as few tools and materials as possible.

His furniture is now being reproduced with his permission as a way to teach refugees how to design and build furniture.

This has all happened with support from the CUCULA organisation that also offers general education, assitance with language skills and legal advice for refugees.

There is much more to this story in Dezeen's article as well as lots of photographs of the chairs and their designers.

We thought this was a great story to tell and it's fantastic to see the craft and love that's gone into each one of these chairs.

Solidarity Paris

Design is all around us and is always there when we need something to bring us together.
We's like to thank Jean Jullian for creating the above symbol of peace. Solidarity Paris.

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