Friday, 27 November 2015

Weekly Round Up 27th November

This week we've been running round London as well as questioning the future of the British design industry...

Is British design dead?
As technology evolves, with new gadgets being released every week, it's not difficult to see the changes between this and that of the industrial revolution. There's been lots of worry over the last decade as to whether British design has disappeared. This view has been backed up often by those looking at public design; many were disappointed by the changes to our iconic British telephone boxes and London buses. 

However, perhaps all of this just stems from our reluctance to look elsewhere for design. After all with technology there also comes the added option of working for multiple international companies. This means that lots of British Design is not staying in Britain but going overseas. This is not necessarily a bad thing though. We may be losing British design in Britain itself but it means that we are impacting on the rest of the world and not only that but we are also the hub of international design. Just walking through London proves this, from shop to studio, each and every one is different and very few are British. 

We may be proud to be British but we are also proud at how open we are to incorporating international design into our lifestyle. Nomique is a fantastic example of this, not only do we have British designers creating all of our product ranges, as well as all of our furniture and seating being created on site in Britain using traditional manufacturing techniques. We also partner all of this with European design inspiration, European Suppliers and up to date technology. By using everything available to us we are holding on to our heritage as well as helping to evolve the manufacture of seating. To read more about us and our product ranges please have a look at our website.

If you'd like to read more about others views on this topic we found some very interesting articles which you'll find by following these links:

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FT "Design industry must adapt to thrive"

The Guardian "Why doesn't Britain make things anymore?"

We were only visiting this year but we went along to see what's new and therefore now avaliable for the hotel and hospitality industry.
Of course we were most interested in the furniture but it was great to see such a wide array of exhibitors, with a great range of free gifts from stress balls to pix & mix and even colouring competitions. After all we're all big kids at heart!

The main trend that flowed throughout the exhibit was solid wood. We saw it everywhere from the solid British Oak frames of the new Knightsbridge armchairs, to Egger's new product PerfectSense that showcases just how good wood based panels and edging can look.

Not only was everything made of wood, or had wooden legs, or had matching wooden tables but it was also great to see that British craftsmanship is still a big part of this industry.

We loved the outside of  the Byzantium stand with materials and tools splayed out adorning the stand wall, showing furniture manufacture stripped down to it's bare bones.

Overall we saw some great design and manufacturing skills and we hope to join them next year for a bit of friendly competition. After all British furniture manufacture is what we do and we'd like to show everyone how well we do it!

Please go to our website to have a look at how our furniture could transform your hotel, waiting rooms and lounge areas into colourful, classy and contemporary spaces where everyone will want to be.

Our London trip to Sleep didn't end there though,with a third floor the exhibition just seemed to go on and on. The Sleep Sets were fantastic too, inspired by childrens fairytale stories it was great to leave reality behind for a moment and get lost in the art and design of these creative spaces. Our favourites had to be the outdoor bathroom and the golden egg shower!

So we'll leave you with these photographs and the suggestion that you should head on over to London next year for Sleep 2016.

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